500077500_e9c003ffed_bAoi festival in May spreads over the big streets of the capital in the elegant Imperial picture scrolls. Its roadside procession starts from the Imperial palace, through Shimogamo shrine toward Kamigamo shrine, overflown with vivid colors: the ceremonial robes for the court ladies ‘juunihitoe’, ‘oyoyo’, irises, umbrellas adorned with bellflowers. Among them the ox carts remarkably strike the eye with their truly gorgeous color arrangement. The golden decoration of the black painted carts, adorned with hollyhocks and pillars, shines in the sunlight. The competing carts’ scene from the Aoi scrolls of Genji monogatari shows these carts and they are also the prototype for the design pattern with wheels, called ‘Genji’. These ox carts are very suitable in color and shape to the style of Kyoto.