This is a popular onsen Japanese style hot spring in Kurama. They offer a variety of baths, both indoors and outdoors. Try roten buro, natural setting outdoor bath while enjoying the tranquil view of surrounding cedar trees. See more



Fukujuen is one of the most famous tea companies in Kyoto and has over 210 years of history. Fukujuen has recently opened a new and interesting ‘workshop where you can experience how to make tea. Not brew a cup of tea, but experience the process of preparing fresh tea leaves for brewing tea, first hand, by hand. See more


Shugakuin Rikyu

Shugakuin RikyuBuilt for the retired Emperor Gomizuno ,1596-1680, this site is home to three gardens; the Shimo-ochaya Garden at the Omoteso Mon Gate with its Jugetsukan House and an excursion landscape garden, Naka-ochaya Garden, host to a splendidly decorated room known as Kasumitana while the huge Kami-ochaya Garden has Yokuryu Pond at its center. The view from the teahouse known as Rinuntei is superb. Tours require approval from the Kyoto office of the Imperial Household Agency. See more