Geishas compared with a Maiko/Geisha apprentice is less showy. A Geisha kimono is usually a strong base color with a simple design and subtle patterns based on scenes from nature or traditional Japanese themes, according to the seasons. Similarly, the Obi / cloth around his waist, as most tend to be brocade fabric of a single color, usually adorned with minimal Obi belts and brooches.

Everyday hairstyle of a Geisha is a relatively simple set of hair. Full-part wigs are worn for formal occasions and dance performances. At the more formal dress, she has a white makeup and wearing a black kimono with five symbols, two front and three at the back. A white-collar under the kimono is a sign of high status Geisha.

Compared to the old Japanese Geisha is a very different life today. The girls become Geishas of her own free will and stay as long as they wish. There are few Geishas left the profession and in danger of disappearing. Many old Hanamachi/Geisha district has also disappeared recently. There are those who talk of reinstating the traditional geisha’s world, but if this will ever happen is uncertain. Perhaps Geishas becomes another form of tourist attraction that will be adapted to the more modern Japan.