There are many restaurants in Kyoto which offer traditional Japanese food. The food is not only mouth-watering it is served with lot of love and care. Kyoto has probably the greatest range and variety of top-quality restaurants, bars and cafe in the country. In addition, the city offers a number of different styles of cuisine uniquely and exotically its own.

Kyoto is famous for its dishes of fish and seafood. You can enjoy home-made food or obanzai in certain restaurants. Seasoned vegetables or tsukemono and local sweets or wagashi are quite popular among the local people. Sumptuous wheat cakes or fu and yummy yuba are some other specialties. Dishes made from Kyoto vegetables like Kamo egg plants, Kujo leeks and Shogoin turnips, are not only wholesome but also quite delicious. The addition of various sauce and cream makes them taste even more yummy! Kyoto is also famous for its varied hot soups and pickles. You can pamper your sweet tooth with kanmi or sweet dishes like anmitsu, dango and yokan.

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